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[06|17|2010] GM Sells More Cars In China Than In United States
[06|15|2010] Cadillac Enlists Ritz-Carlton Trainers To Improve Dealer Service

[06|08|2010] Mercury Falls: How Will Ford & Lincoln Manage Without Mercury?
[06|07|2010] Rolls-Royce Sales Up 146 Percent
[06|05|2010] Mercury Falls: Ford Offers Dealers Up To $200,000 To Stop Selling Mercury
[06|04|2010] Mercury Falls: Why Ford Killed Mercury Now
[06|03|2010] May Auto Sales Numbers
[06|03|2010] Mercury Falls: Ford Kills Mercury Brand To Expand Lincoln
[06|03|2010] Auto Sales Surge 19% In May
[05|27|2010] Chrysler Pays Back Almost $2 Billion In Loans
[05|25|2010] Toyota Pays $16 Million Fine
[05|18|2010] GM Earns $865 Million First Quarter Profit
[05|12|2010] Toyota Earns $1.2 Billion In First Quarter, Despite Recalls
[05|04|2010] April’s Auto Sales Numbers
[04|30|2010] Treasury Reports GM Repaid Funds Properly
[04|29|2010] Honda Posts Fourth Quarter Profits
[04|28|2010] Ford Posts $2.1 Billion First Quarter Profit
[04|26|2010] GOP Argues GM Loan Payoff Little More Than Money Shuffle
[04|24|2010] White House: Auto Bailout Worked, Better Than Expected
[04|22|2010] Chrysler Loses $197 Million In First Quarter
[04|21|2010] GM Falls Out Of Fortune 500’s Top Ten For First Time In 100 Years
[04|20|2010] GM To Announce Full Repayment Of Federal Loans
[04|19|2010] Analyst Claims Chrysler May Not Survive In Its Current Form
[04|13|2010] BMW Exports Over One Million Vehicles From SC Plant
[04|07|2010] Last-Ditch Efforts To Save Hummer Fading
[04|05|2010] NHTSA Seeks $16 Million Fine Against Toyota
[04|03|2010] March Auto Sales Numbers
[03|31|2010] Chrysler To Break Even In 2010
[03|29|2010] Chrysler Reinstates 86 Dealers
[03|29|2010] Volvo Sale To Geely Finalized
[03|26|2010] GM To Make Another $1 Billion Loan Repayment
[03|23|2010] Toyota Being Sued By Shareholders For Lying About Business

[03|12|2010] Auto “Bailout” Saved Detroit & Michigan From Bankruptcy
[03|09|2010] GM May Reinstate Many Closed Dealers
[03|04|2010] February Auto Sales Numbers
[03|03|2010] Ford Outsells GM & Toyota In February
[02|26|2010] GM Reconsidering Two Previous Hummer Buyers
[02|26|2010] RECALLS: AutoWeek’s Ten Most Notable Recalls Of The Last 50 Years
[02|25|2010] Hummer Sale Falls Through, Brand To Be Dropped
[02|25|2010] Saab Sale To Spyker Finalized
[02|23|2010] Toyota Saved $100 Million Avoiding Recalls
[02|16|2010] Toyota Idles Two U.S. Factories In Wake Of Sales Decline
[02|09|2010] Swedish Loan For Saab Wins EU Approval
[02|04|2010] Chevrolet Shooting For One Million Sales in Europe By 2015
[02|03|2010] Auto Sales Numbers: January 2010
[02|03|2010] Toyota Recall: Toyota Sales Fall 16% In January
[02|02|2010] GM Extends Hummer Sale Deadline Until End Of February
[02|01|2010] Toyota Recall: Toyota Loses $21 Billion In Market Share, Plans Media Blitz
[01|31|2010] Toyota Recall: First Class-Action Suit Against Toyota’s Pedal Recall
[01|29|2010] Hyundai Nearly Quadruples Profits In Fourth Quarter
[01|28|2010] Ford Earns $2.7 Billion In 2009, Expects Same In 2010
[01|28|2010] Toyota Recall: Step-By-Step: How Toyota’s PR Disaster Began
[01|27|2010] GM Finalizes Deal To Sell Saab To Spyker
[01|27|2010] Toyota Spending More To Stay On Top
[01|25|2010] Ford: Record Losses To Remarkable Profits
[01|25|2010] GM & Spyker May Be Close To Saab Deal
[01|25|2010] GM Increases Full-Size SUV Production To Meet Demand
[01|21|2010] Chrysler & Fiat’s Lancia Could Merge By Year’s End
[01|15|2010] Asian Automakers Approach 50% Of U.S. Market Share
[01|15|2010] Volkswagen Plans To Double U.S. Sales In 2-3 Years
[01|14|2010] Alfa Romeo’s U.S. Launch Delayed
[01|14|2010] GM Halts Hummer Production Pending Sale
[01|13|2010] Dealers Confident In Ford & GM, Not Chrysler
[01|08|2010] New Swedish Bidders Emerge For Saab Sale

[01|06|2010] Swedish Government To Meet With Ford & GM About Saab & Volvo
[01|06|2010] 2009’s Auto Sales Numbers
[01|05|2010] Ford Posts 33.3% Sales Gain, Owns 15% Market Share
[01|05|2010] GM reports 67% Sales Increase In China
[01|05|2010] December 2009 Auto Sales Numbers
[01|05|2010] Auto Sales In Japan Drop To 38-Year Low
[01|04|2010] Volvo Dealers May Sell Chinese Geely Models
[01|04|2010] GM Pushes For Dealership Remodels
[01|04|2010] Chrysler Sues Several States Over Dealer Laws
[01|01|2010] GM Extends Saab Bidding Deadline
[01|01|2010] GMAC Getting Another $3.9 Billion In Bailout Aid
[12|29|2009] Motor Trend’s 2010 Industry Power List
[12|29|2009] China’s Geely Says Volvos Will Be Volvos
[12|29|2009] Top Ten Best-Selling Cars & Truck Of 2009
[12|28|2009] Ford Finalizes Agreement With China’s Geely For Volvo’s Sale
[12|27|2009] Still No Word From GM On Last-Minute Saab Deal
[12|26|2009] GM To Offer test Drives At Detroit Auto Show
[12|26|2009] China’s BAIC Buys Saab Technology For $200 Million
[12|24|2009] Ford Close To Selling Volvo To China’s Geely
[12|24|2009] December’s Sales Expected To Increase 15 Percent
[12|22|2009] Ford Planning To Produce More High-Content Trim Levels
[12|21|2009] Volkswagen Through Buying Companies, Now Focusing On Product
[12|21|2009] Spyker Makes 11th-Hour Bid For Saab
[12|21|2009] GM To Speed Up Vehicles Delayed By Bankruptcy
[12|21|2009] GM Begins Repaying U.S. & Canada
[12|18|2009] Saab Brand Is Dead
[12|18|2009] “Old” Chrysler Likely Won’t Repay $4 Billion TARP Loan
[12|18|2009] Ford & Mazda Will Continue To Work Together
[12|17|2009] Volvo’s Sale Should Be Completed Early In 2010
[12|14|2009] Porsche Builds 10,000th Panamera In Only Three Months
[12|11|2009] Detroit Calls “Cash For Cluckers” Unfair
[12|11|2009] Chrysler Dealers Unhappy With New Ad Campaigns
[12|11|2009] Auto Advertising Drops Over 30 Percent
[12|10|2009] Ward’s Ten Best Engines For 2010
[12|10|2009] Marchionne Will Choose To Lead Chrysler Or Fiat, Not Both
[12|10|2009] Ford & GM Planning Dramatic Production Increases For Q1 2010
[12|10|2009] VW Buys 19.9% Of Suzuki
[12|10|2009] Chinese Automakers Sell Only 745 Cars In Europe This Year
[12|08|2009] Toyota Adding Workers & Shifts At Truck Plant
[12|08|2009] Volkswagen Now Owns 49.9% Of Porsche
[12|08|2009] Hyundai Builds One Millionth Vehicle In Alabama
[12|07|2009] Chrysler May Extend Holiday Shut-Down At Five Plants
[12|07|2009] Hummer’s Sale To Chinese Nears
[12|05|2009] Honda To Overtake Chrysler As Number Four In Sales
[12|04|2009] Mercedes-Benz Plans C-Class Plant In Alabama
[12|04|2009] U.S. Consortium Now In Lead Spot To Purchase Volvo
[12|02|2009] GM May Sell Some Saab Assets To Chinese, Still Seeks Buyer By Year’s End
[12|02|2009] November’s Auto Sales Numbers
[11|25|2009] Chrysler Could Lose More Dealers Due To Lack Of Financing
[11|16|2009] GM To Begin Repaying Federal Loans In December
[11|14|2009] “Cash For Clunkers” Helped Japan More Than Detroit
[11|14|2009] 81 Of 218 Saab Dealers Dropped
[11|13|2009] Ford Fusion Makes Top-Ten Best-Seller List
[11|11|2009] Stand-Alone Lincoln-Mercury Dealers In Jeopardy?
[11|09|2009] Volkswagen Poised To Become World’s Biggest Automaker
[11|09|2009] Toyota Posts $242 Million Profit
[11|05|2009] October 2009’s Sales Numbers
[11|05|2009] GM Keeping, Not Selling Europe’s Opel Brand
[11|02|2009] Ford Posts $1 Billion Third Quarter Profit
[10|29|2009] GM Enjoys First Year-To-Year Sales Increase In 21 Months
[10|29|2009] Ford Leaning Toward China’s Geely To Buy Volvo
[10|29|2009] GMAC May Get More Federal Cash
[10|29|2009] Recyclers Overwhelmed By “Cash For Clunkers” Trades
[10|27|2009] WSJ Makes Early Chrysler, Dodge & Fiat Predictions
[10|27|2009] J.D. Power: Auto Sales Will Be Down Only Six Percent In October
[10|26|2009] U.S. Treasury Caps Executive Pay At Chrysler & GM
[10|22|2009] Volkswagen To Buy 49.9% Of Porsche
[10|22|2009] “Car Czar,” Steve Rattner “Shocked” & “Stunned” At Chrysler & GM
[10|19|2009] Honda May Build Fit In United States
[10|12|2009] Toyota Highlander Production Begins In Indiana
[10|09|2009] GM Sells Hummer
[10|09|2009] South Carolina BMW Plant To Hire 700 Workers
[10|07|2009] Buyer Walks, GM Closing Saturn
[10|05|2009] Dodge Splits Ram Into Separate Truck Brand
[10|05|2009] Toyota’s President Admits Company Is in Rough Shape
[10|02|2009] September 2009 Auto Sales Numbers
[10|01|2009] After “Cash For Clunkers,” Sales Declines Return
[10|01|2009] Saturn Eulogy: The Birth & Death Of A Brand
[10|01|2009] GM Prepares To “Wind Down” Saturn Brand
[09|30|2009] Saturn’s Prospective Buyer, Penske, Drops Out
[09|23|2009] GM Adds Production Shifts A Three Plants
[09|21|2009] Volkswagen Interested In Suzuki
[09|21|2009] Dealers Demand More Inventory
[09|17|2009] Fiat Reevaluates Chrysler’s Future
[09|17|2009] GM May Boost Camaro, Equinox, LaCrosse & SRX Production
[09|06|2009] The State Of The Auto Industry In Flowcharts
[09|03|2009] Car Dealers Having Tough Time Getting Credit Lines
[09|02|2009] August Auto Sales Numbers
[09|02|2009] Camaro Outsells Mustang Third Straight Month
[08|26|2009] Dealer Poll: “Cash For Clunkers” Was A Nightmare
[08|20|2009] GM Reimbursing Anxious “Cash For Clunkers” Dealers
[08|19|2009] Automakers Increase Production To Meet “Cash For Clunker’ Demand
[08|18|2009] GM Ups Production, Workers Return
[08|18|2009] Hyundai-Kia Overtakes Ford As World’s Fourth Largest Automaker
[08|13|2009] J.D. Power Predicts Sales Jump In 2010
[08|10|2009] Toyota Raises Production Forecast, Losing Ground To GM
[08|03|2009] July Auto Sales: Finally Improving
[08|03|2009] Ford Posts First Sales Gain In 19 Months
[07|28|2009] Dealers May Be Taxed On “Cash For Clunkers” Income
[07|25|2009] Automakers Spending Big Money On “Cash For Clunkers” Search Ads
[07|24|2009] Ford Posts $2.3 Billion Second Quarter Profit
[07|16|2009] Ford Poised To Overtake GM In Sales
[07|15|2009] Ousted GM CEO Gets $8.2M Severance + $74K A Year For Life
[07|11|2009] Analyst Urges Mitsubishi & Suzuki To Leave U.S. Market
[07|11|2009] Hyundai’s Cash For Clunkers Sales Account For 7 Percent Increase
[07|10|2009] The New GM "General Motors Company" Exits Bankruptcy
[07|10|2009] Product Guru Bob Lutz To Stay With GM
[07|09|2009] China Passes United States In Auto Sales
[07|09|2009] The New GM Set To Start Friday, July 10
[07|07|2009] Seat-Supplier Lear Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
[07|07|2009] Toyota Invests $500 Million In Indiana Plant Upgrades
[07|07|2009] Some GM Dealers Short On Crossovers & SUVs
[07|02|2009] June’s Auto Sales Numbers
[06|29|2009] New GM Will Take On Future Liability, Not Current
[06|27|2009] Ford Boosting Production To Meet Demand
[06|26|2009] Video: Chrysler & GM “Victims” Run Ad Against Liability-Free New Companies
[06|25|2009] GM Gets $33.3 Billion In Government Financing For Bankruptcy
[06|25|2009] GM Seeks Liability Lawsuit Immunity, Matching Chrysler’s
[06|19|2009] Indian Truck Builder, Mahindra, Signing Up Former Chrysler Dealers
[06|18|2009] Chrysler To Reopen Seven Plants By July
[06|11|2009] GM Grants Reprieve To 30 “Closed” Dealers, Considering Others
[06|11|2009] May Auto Sales…Improving?
[06|11|2009] Fiat Steps In At Chrysler, Begins Making Changes
[06|10|2009] Supreme Court Allows Chrysler-Fiat Deal
[06|08|2009] GM To Halt Medium-Duty Truck Production
[06|04|2009] Toyota Sees U.S. Turnaround Ahead, Increases Production
[06|04|2009] GM To Get Tough With Remaining Dealers
[06|03|2009] May 2009’s Top Ten Best Sellers
[06|02|2009] May’s Auto Sales Numbers: Lincoln Posts Increase
[06|02|2009] Chinese Company Poised To Buy Hummer
[06|02|2009] Motor Trend’s “GM: Countdown To Catastrophe”
[06|02|2009] GM Finds A Buyer For Hummer
[06|02|2009] Ford Hopes For Level Playing Field, Despite Bailouts
[06|01|2009] Ford Prepares To Grab Market Share While Chrysler & GM “Idle”
[06|01|2009] Video: GM’s “New GM” Commercial
[06|01|2009] Who Owns The New GM
[05|26|2009] Chrysler & GM Called To Washington To Explain Dealer Closings
[05|23|2009] Ford Could Surpass GM In Production This Year
[05|20|2009] Ford Plans Fewer, Gentler Dealer Cuts
[05|19|2009] Automakers Support Obama’s Higher Standards
[05|16|2009] Chrysler May Send $1,000 “Coupons” To Existing Owners
[05|16|2009] GM To Cut 2,300 Dealers Through 2010
[05|14|2009] Chrysler Kills 789 Dealers Nationwide
[05|09|2009] Toyota Posts $7.7 Billion Loss Last Quarter
[05|08|2009] GM Posts $6 Billion First Quarter Loss
[05|08|2009] Fiat’s CEO, Sergio Marchionne, Will Also Be Chrysler’s New CEO
[05|06|2009] Ford Overhauls Michigan Plant To Build 2011 Ford Focus
[05|05|2009] April Auto Sales Numbers
[05|04|2009] Dealer Association Objects To Obama’s “Buy American” Stance
[05|02|2009] Ford’s Image Boosted, Not Taking Federal Aid
[05|01|2009] Ford Sells More Cars Than Toyota In April
[04|30|2009] Chrysler’s Historic Day + Reactions
[04|30|2009] Chrysler’s “Big” Day In A Nutshell
[04|30|2009] GM Creditors Want Majority Stake In Exchange For Debt
[04|30|2009] Chrysler Bankruptcy Part Of Fiat Deal
[04|29|2009] Honda Posts First Quarterly Loss In Fifteen Years
[04|27|2009] Toyota Keeps Its Eyes On Suppliers
[04|24|2009] Wall Street Rallies Around Ford’s Relatively “Good” First Quarter
[04|24|2009] Ford Beats Expectations, Stock Rises At Opening Bell
[04|19|2009] Ford Works To Secure Its Base, Should Chrysler Or GM Fail
[04|01|2009] Honda Cuts North American Production & Pay
[03|31|2009] Ford Remains Viable In Current Market
[03|25|2009] Germany May Extend Scrapping Incentive Program
[03|20|2009] Study Shows Buyers Shying Away From Chrysler & GM Products
[03|06|2009] UK May Follow Germany’s “Scrapping” Incentive
[03|04|2009] German “Scrapping” Incentive Leads To 21% Increase In Car Sales
[02|26|2009] Detroit Three Still Have Perception Problems
[02|23|2009] 881 Dealer Closings In 2008 Sets Record
[02|07|2009] Japan’s Big-Three Following Detroit Three
[01|28|2009] German Government’s Bailout Plan: Trade Incentives
[01|26|2009] Ford Still Doesn’t Need Bailout Funds
[12|20|2008] Toyota To Post First Loss In 71 Years
[12|16|2008] Toyota Supports Detroit Three “Bailout”
[12|12|2008] Car and Driver’s “Top Ten Lies” About Auto Industry
[12|12|2008] Detroit’s Importance To National Defense
[12|08|2008] Detroit Bankruptcy Far Worse Than “Bailout”
[12|07|2008] Ward’s Announces Ten-Best Engines List

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