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Regulatory News

[06|12|2010] Senate Pushes Distracted-Driving Issue Back To The States
[06|11|2010] Senate Committee Sends Auto-Safety Bill To Floor For Vote

[06|07|2010] New Jersey Decal Law Upsets Teens & Parents
[06|01|2010] Proposed Automotive “Black Boxes” Could Cost $5,000
[05|31|2010] House Committee Passes Bill Requiring “Black Boxes” & Brake Override
[04|30|2010] Georgia Finally Mandates Seat Belt Usage For Pickup Drivers
[04|30|2010] Bill Proposes To Keep NHTSA Employees From Moving To Manufacturers
[03|26|2010] Georgia To Outlaw Driving Slow In The Fast Lane
[03|26|2010] Fast Lane Driving Laws By State
[03|24|2010] Feds Cut Executive Pay At Chrysler & GM

[03|02|2010] GM Supports “Black Box” Legislation
[03|01|2010] Toyota Recall: Toyota Documents Trouble House Committee
[02|20|2010} Toyota Recall: House Subcommittee Petitions For Secret Documents
[02|20|2010] Mississippi Becomes 39th State To Ban Nitrous In Street Cars
[02|19|2010] Toyota Recall: Toyota Invited To House Oversight Committee
[02|05|2010] Obama Seeks To Augment NHTSA Investigative Team
[02|04|2010] Toyota Recall: House Committee Demands Proof That Pedal Fixes Will Work
[02|03|2010] Toyota Recall: Toyota Issue May Result In Tighter NHTSA Recall Rules
[01|27|2010] U.S. DOT Bans Texting For Commercial Bus & Truck Drivers
[01|08|2010] EPA Prepares Strict New Smog Regulations

[01|06|2010] Senator Calls For Audit Of “Cash For Clunkers” Program
[01|01|2010] IRS Lowers Mileage Deduction For 2010
[01|01|2010] “Right To Repair” Act Debate Gets Heated
[12|21|2009] Obama Sign Bill Enacting Arbitration For Closed Dealers
[12|14|2009] Government May Reconsider Salary Cap For GM CEO
[12|11|2009] U.S. Government May Lose $30 Billion From Auto Bailout
[11|18|2009] Michigan Considering Eco-Friendly Driving School Tips
[11|16|2009] South Carolina’s “I Believe” Plate Violates First Amendment
[10|28|2009] Utah D.O.T.: Higher Speed Limits = Less Speeding
[10|13|2009] “Right To Repair” Act Now A Possibility?
[10|02|2009] Volvo Supports Texting While Driving Ban
[10|02|2009] Texting While Driving: Days May Be Numbered
[10|01|2009] Study Shows 93% Favor Banning Texting While Driving
[07|24|2009] Congress Muffles NHTSA Cell Phone Use Safety Study
[07|14|2009] Texting-While-Driving Laws By State
[07|11|2009] Chrysler & GM Execs Lobby Against Dealer Re-Opening Bills
[07|06|2009] Japan Could Require Hybrids To Emit Sound
[06|22|2009] New Jersey Moves To Ban GPS Use While Driving
[06|11|2009] Government’s Fleet Turnover Buys More Fords Than Chryslers or GMs
[05|27|2009] Big Brother: Some States Adopting “No Smiles” Driver License Photos
[05|05|2009] New Roof Crush Standards To Take Effect In 2012
[04|23|2009] “Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act” To Protect The Blind From Silent Cars
[04|23|2009] Virginia Tries Zig-Zag Lines To Reduce Speeding
[03|26|2009] EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases Public Danger
[03|25|2009] Virginia All But Outlaws Cul-de-sacs
[03|10|2009] Massachusetts Governor Proposes “Hummer” Tax
[01|05|2009] Road Commission Calls For Gas Tax Hike
[12|29|2008] The Truth About Gas Taxes & Oil Dependence

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